dabbing your dab

Part Three: Dabbing the Dab.

So now we have established exactly what a “dab” is and just how much supreme herbal awesomeness that one little spot of “oil”, “shatter” or “budder” can contain… What arcane ritual is utilised to unlock all that wholesome goodness for you to partake? By which whispered lore of alchemy and dabbled arts are the spirits of the herb fairies released? Despite the sometime mystical results and byproducts, there is no real magic involved in the pillaging of the treasures locked away within your dab. It all comes down to using the right tools, getting in a bit of practice (and nobody is going to begrudge this kinda warm up!), getting to know your own personal tastes and wee pinch of science.  

Let's burn it, or maybe not?!

Perhaps the first thing to establish is exactly what we are not going to do with our dab… And that is burn the little bugger. Combustion is a big no-no, and basically boils down to a complete and utter waste of a perfectly good dab. Of course the process is going to involve some form of heating, but the idea of dabbing has absolutely nothing to do with setting anything aflame. This is why dabbing has started to catch on and finally start gathering a growing momentum here in the UK, not only amongst users seeking the medical properties of herbal products but those more interested in the recreational ones as well. Combustion of dried plant matter releases not only the desired elements but also carbons and other free radicals into the smoke produced and then introduced into your lungs. This has been associated with various bronchial and pulmonary diseases and therefore burning is probably best avoided if at all possible. This is the joy of the humble little dab. Nothing has to be burnt. Most of the extraneous factors that you would normally find in dried herb have already been removed. With a dab you have almost literally cut down to the chase. Depending on the purity of the dab, which comes down to the expertise and care used not only in the process of extraction but also in the method of storage, dabbing is one of the “cleanest” ways of enjoying the various benefits of certain herbal delicacies.

Which then of course leads us to the all important million dollar question…
“If you don’t burn the damn stuff then what the hell are we supposed to do with it?”
The answer is as delicious as it is simple…
We vaporize it.  

Get the right equipment

This is the big difference between dabbing and say using a bong, traditional pipe or other method to intake your herb. There is absolutely no burning involved and because this is the case a special kind of device is required. Of course some of you will have tried oil before in a spliff where the sticky goodness has been applied to the rizla, but this method negates the benefits of keeping the inhaling experience as clean and pure as possible simply because tobacco or other dried plant matter medium is used and combustion is involved. A bong or pipe has the same practical drawback. They are not designed to accommodate dabs without some form of secondary medium and burning. So what is required if you are true to keeping your dab clean (and lets face it, with the cost and effort involved in obtaining your dab you are going to want to keep your dabbing experience as pure and untainted as possible) this means that you are going to have to procure and utilise the tools of the trade… An oil rig and a “nail” or a "banger".  

DotComBong has an extensive range of oil rigs, nails & bangers, and I suggest dear reader that before you read next week’s instalment of our little journey into the wild and whacky world dabbing you have a perusal of the various incarnations of glassware used to enjoy the benefits of your dab. They come in all variety and manner of shapes, sizes and complexity. Despite the different manifestations that are available they all share the same purpose and function…  

To heat your dab on a super hot nail that reduces your dab to a vapour that is trapped within the confines of your rig and delivered as cool and neat to your lungs as is practically possible. This is the art of the dab…

Next Week: we will discover what exactly an “oil rig” is, how it works and how to put that mighty little dab to good work!