vaping vs smoking

When people are first confronted with the idea of vaporizing one’s herb as opposed to combusting it in the traditional mode, through a pipe, bong or spliff, one of the most immediate and frequently asked questions is a quite simple one…

Is it as good an experience?

This is a pretty fair line of enquiry, as most of us who enjoy partaking in smoking herbs would surely agree. Of course there are the usual health, safety and discretion angles to cover, but at the end of the day it’s the particular journey our herb is going to take us and how best to get there that is usually top of most folks’ list of considerations. That is totally fair enough and to be expected. For those who are using various smoking herbs and concentrates for medicinal reasons the end results and desired outcomes are clearer to establish and recognise. However, for the multitudes out there enjoying smoking herbal products purely on a recreational basis the measure of success is a little more down to individual tastes and personal mental modes. It is actually quite hard to say if one way doing the herb as opposed to another is better because essentially it all comes down to personal taste. From personal experience I know people who are firmly sat on one camp or the either. Just like some people prefer a pipe to a joint, or a bong to a pipe, a growing number of peeps are becoming diehard vape fanatics. A lot of those who are turning to the vaporizer are doing so purely for the fact that it takes the dreaded tobacco out of the equation, but there are also a growing number of peeps purely going for the purity of the dankness that results from a good vape. There are a lot of side benefits to removing the tobacco from the experience aside from the obvious health ones. The herb actually tastes nicer without the nicotine, the smell does not tend to cling to the air and surfaces as much as it does with tobacco and the dried herb end product of vaporizing can be used as a tea or additive in cooking. But there is too also another side benefit…  

Vaporising ones herbs can produce a very subtle yet profound effect that is quite unlike anything else you have tried. It is an effect that is hard to quantify but is DISTINCTLY different to the results achieved from ripping a bong or sharing a doobie. It is a more holistic effect, at first a barely noticed nudge that slowly creeps up and wraps you up in a warm fuzzy blanket of nice. It is a sneaky one that can totally take you by surprise. It is like a train that slowly gathers steam, chugging away softly at first until it builds up a pleasant momentum that really can not be beat. Of course much of the outcome of vaping is the same as any method used and mostly down to the quality of herbal product in use. However one can sense the different effect in a visceral way, much like taking a warm bath is far more relaxing on occasion than taking a shower. It is in many ways far more gentle and at the end of a busy day, far more relaxing. If one is not bothered by the tobacco factor it is purely down to what mood you are in. Are you requiring a bullet train to get where you are going, or are you more in the state of mind to take a meandering bus journey through the countryside? Do you want to reach your destination fast, or do you want to do a bit of sightseeing along the way?  

I am one of those people who sit on the fence on the matter. For me there is no “better” or “worse” way as far as the herb is concerned. It comes purely down to what social circumstance I find myself in and what mood has taken me. For the social times like parties and gatherings, my weapons of choice have always been the simple spliff or bong. They are far more practical in some ways in a scenario involving more than one individual than a vape can be. But with the growing developments in technology and the variety of vaporizers on the market there are devices designed for the industrial level dank required for a party. Some vaporizers even use the social aspect as a selling point (take the Volcano for example) but where I stand at the present time a simple joint or bong does the trick for me at gatherings. I am a bit old fashioned like that. Having said that though, there are certain times, particularly when I am on my own and about to sit down and read a book or watch a movie that I get the distinct urge to crank up my vaporizer and take a hit of pure unadulterated herb. So as far as my personal tastes are concerned there is no “as good” or “as bad” effect…

It is just different.

As with describing all things herbal, a certain level of ambiguity must be maintained for obvious reasons, and describing outcomes and results beyond the physiological and practical is incredibly difficult. We live in an age where at one recent stage in affairs the concept of chocolate being classified a “mind altering substance” was not far beyond the realms of reason, so one has to be a little discreet in how one describes the vaporizing experience in comparison to combusting ones herbs. So the best metaphor I can think of to subtle paint the appropriate picture is a less than subtle cinematic analogy:  

If you are in a Fast and the Furious sorta frame of mind and you want to go full throttle pedal to the metal, go the way of the bong, it is the most direct route.

Or… If you are kinda feeling in the LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring sorta mode and up for an unexpected adventure with a lot of meanderings and encounters with old friends there is only one way to go… Charge up that vaporizer up and strap in for the ride!

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