oil dabbing

So What is the Dab?

Dabbing in the UK is still considered something of an anomaly. We all have mates who swear by the virtues of dabbing ones concentrates, waxes and oils but unlike the United States, where the art of the dab is a well established past time enjoyed by many over here on the other side of the pond is still considered somewhat of a novelty…Even a luxury.

This can be attributed somewhat to the availability of said concentrates, which can be quite a difficult commodity to gain access to unless you know the right people who know (you know what I am saying!), but particularly on the medicinal side of things, oils and concentrates have been known as the quickest and purest means to get to tap into the source. On the complete other hand, there is also a growing number of folks out there who are in the game purely in the pursuit of perfect dankness, and dabbing is about as close as one can get to the ultimate excursion into that happy valley high. And all without the need or presence of the dreaded tobacco.

What is a 'dab'?

If you are a little confused by the term “dab” essentially it is a pretty simple principle. The dab itself refers to a small dose of concentrate, be it oil or wax, that is applied to a super-heated surface, of which the vapour produced is inhaled. There, a pretty basic concept on the face of it, but also a basic concept that requires a number of somewhat more complex steps to realise. Probably the most important step is the source material.

The purity and effectiveness of the dab is quite reliant on the love and care taken by the producer of the concentrate. Methods of extraction vary, but most commonly the desired components of the plant material in question are isolated by using a solvent such as carbon dioxide or butane. The use of solvents and pressure results in a thick, sticky greasy substance that is referred to as either “oil”, “wax”, “shatter” or just simply “concentrate”. Depending on which method of extraction is utilised, what source plant material is used and timings, different elements can be isolated depending on desired effects (medicinal or recreational). That part of the process is all down to the skill and know-how of the manufacturer…And it is an art form. Amateur concentrate producers have been known for producing less than satisfactory oils, poor in taste and weak in effect. The process itself also has a few attached hazards, the most obvious being those that take us into familiar “Breaking Bad” territory with explosive and nasty mishaps.

First steps

Number one on my list of recommendations for taking first steps into the world of the “dab” is to get to know and trust your “man”. In the current political and social climate that can be a difficult task, particularly since as I said before, oils and concentrates are still something of an exotic commodity. But as with all things in this weird and whacky world we find ourselves in the biggest source of information is the tried and trusted word of mouth. Quality and purity are pretty standard trademarks in this game, and a producer who produces nothing but crappy product does not last long by virtue of reputation. It all comes down to who do you trust and whose word carries the most weight as far as credibility is concerned. For medicinal users particularly, who are new to the world of the dank, the process of learning the ropes and making the right contacts can be an extremely difficult and sometimes even embarrassing process. This is mostly due to a certain plant’s still ridiculously arcane legal status and unfortunately the powers that be still have a lot of catching up with reality to do. But until that hallowed day comes when we join our American (in some states) brethren in the joys of uninhibited enjoyment and medicinal use of said plant matter, there are still avenues to take to getting your first foot on the ladder. As always the information I can offer is extremely limited, but as with most hobbies, interests or research in these modern times the first obvious step is the beloved interwebs. All it takes is a quick nose around on google or the like and it will not take you long to gather the information for yourself. Depending on your intention there our sites that will suit every need, ranging from medical-use communities to groups consisting purely of guys and gals just looking to have some good old fashioned high times.

Don't get put off...

Information gathering is perhaps the most important first step, but one tip I do have for all those considering the path of the dab is don’t be put off by the apparent complexity of it all. It aint all that difficult. You will undoubtedly by confronted by all manner of complicated rigs, images of people using blowtorches and all manner of sophisticated devices to achieve a simple inhalation of some vapour. Do not let that put you off.

Times have definitely moved on. Yes, there are some amazingly complex, even what can be described as beautifully intricate glass rigs, but due to the increasing popularity of dabbing the process has gone electronic…Even portable. With each passing day new developments are being made, and the market for devices suitable for consuming concentrates with is being satisfied with all manner of new and exciting products, for example the Dabbie and the Maud Dib to name just two. As people switch on to the benefits of the dab, of course the market will react, so expect even more interesting developments in dabbing technology to come.

Get the right kit

If you are at all interested taking a dip into the world of the dab I recommend having a little look see at the selection of glass rigs (which as I have said can be described as ornamental!) and our expanding range of e-nails (or simply electronic dabber) here on DotComBong. There is most definitely quite a few bits and bobs to have a perusal of… And once again do not be “blinded by science”…It is not as difficult as it all looks and from personal experience it is a path well worth exploring. In the future I will be talking a little bit more about dabbing and its benefits, but just as a very brief introduction to the wild and sticky world of concentrates I hope this little ramble has been of some help to getting you on your way… As always, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!