dabbie e-nail

Dabbie by name…Dabbie by nature!

Dabbing concentrates has been growing in popularity overseas for the past decade and it has only really recently made much of an impact here in the UK. There are two major “turn offs” keeping people away from partaking in the joy of the “dab”. One being the basic difficulty of getting your hands on said oils and waxes…A situation that though I can not help you with, I can say is improving with time and availability. The other being the on-the-face-of-it complexity of just producing a simple “hit” from said oils and waxes. One of the factors that I have found that admittedly has been a bit of turn-off is the apparent song-and-dance involved in the process. Yes, I have had my experiences with concentrates, and yes, they were pretty freaking awesome…And I am talking next level awesome here. BUT…As mind bogglingly tasty those dabs on the wild side were, they did involve some fancy glassware, a bit of very sticky fiddling with goopy globs and a blowtorch. I am terminally lazy, and so despite the super sweet nature of the end result, I just found the whole process just a mite too fiddly for my tastes. From what I can gather chatting with other folks on the topic I am not alone in this feeling. It is however at this point where time and ingenuity has transformed a “feeling” into an outdated “presumption”. Via the wonders of scientific research, technology and good old fashioned stoner know-how the gods of the dab have delivered unto us the answer to all our problems. Long gone are the days of convoluted coils of glassware and high powered flames (although some folks will always favour the tried and trusted methods!)… Ok guys, put your hands together for what has proven to be the revolutionary and exciting new kid on the block…  

Allow me to introduce you all to the Dabbie!!!

The first thing you will notice about the Dabbie is the sheer compact nature of the device. On initial glance it looks like a normal e-cig/vaporizing device. It is quite small and compact. This is without a doubt the biggest thing going for the Dabbie. Unlike most glassware rigs, with their complex array of bubblers and filters which render them delicate by the nature of their intricacy; the Dabbie is pretty much self-contained and extremely portable. You can tell it has been carefully designed to be easily transported and simply used whilst on the go. Presented in a sturdy metal carry case the Dabbie is perfectly suitable for enjoying a dab wherever one may choose (more importantly where one can get away with it!). If you are familiar with vaporizer pens such as the Storm or any other e-cigarette you will know roughly the dimensions I am talking about. There are a few attachments that come with the Dabbie that are necessary to the process, but as I mentioned, the carry case keeps everything conveniently in the one spot, so transport is absolutely no hassle. In fact one of the genius design measures of the device is that the internally padded case looks inconspicuously like an innocent camera case. So it is perfect for festivals, parties and other social gatherings. Running on a basic replacable 18650 battery it is also quite easy to have a few charged up batteries on hand to ensure that the fun times can be had with a simple relay of spent and fresh power…Just as you would with a normal e-cig. The Dabbie’s inbuilt USB port also allows for easy charging on the go.  

Using a grade 2 titanium nail, the Dabbie achieves a temperature of 304’C to produce a thick yet clean vapour that is as tasty as it is pure. Utilising such high levels of heat the nail is encased in high temperature resistant Teflon so safety of use is pretty much guaranteed. The kit comes with two nails so wear and tear is kept to a minimum. The magnetic carb cap also means that the dabbing is kept conveniently mess free and easy. It are these little features that make the Dabbie such a simple device to use. Once the dab is applied to the nail the heating cycle only takes about 20 seconds and hey presto!...You have got a tasty cloud of concentrated vapour. It is the ease of use that makes this perfect for those just testing the waters as far as dabbing is concerned, however it is the end product that will give even the most hardened veteran concentrate fan a big old grin on their face. So not only is the whole unit compact and very simple to set up and very easy to use, the performance is absolutely satisfying on every level. It delivers a punch minus any of the usually associated fuss.

Why would you want one?

Personally, the biggest plus of the Dabbie’s design, and perhaps its biggest selling point for me is the spill proof bubbler that comes with the package. This design is an absolute stroke of genius. The glass bubbler with its integrated dome has been fashioned so it can be filled with the desired level of water without any worry of mess. Just get it prepped, pop it in its case and there you have it…A concentrate rig primed for action in any location. Absolute dabbing perfection!  

The second big factor that Dabbie has going in its favour has to be the price. Retailing at £99.99 the Dabbie is amazing value considering it comes complete ready and waiting to enjoy the dabbing experience. Vaporizers can be a costly prospect, and we have been spoiled with a wide and increasing range of choice as far as electronic devices are concerned. However for its sheer simplicity and its unparalleled portability, the Dabbie for me is an undisputed winner. If you are considering exploring the exciting new realms of the dab experience, I suggest you have a quick nosey around DotComBong at our range of e-nails and vaporizers. However, just keep in mind that in a complex world gone mad, the Dabbie is an easily accessible and extremely user-friendly voice of reason that cuts straight to the proverbial chase…

And does so virtually mess and effort free!!!

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