pans ink

I dare say most people out there are familiar with the practice of “aromatherapy” and the concept that the individual molecules that provide plants with their distinct scents may effect similarly distinct reactions from the human physiology. There is no denying that the smell of certain plants, be it pungent or pleasant, can often provoke almost instantaneous reflex actions…Sneezing being the most obvious.

As far as cerebral stimulation is concerned, I can think straight away of a certain breed of plant that gets the mouth watering… (I know you guys know what I am talking about!)

Just as an experiment, take a moment, close your eyes and see if you can recall the aroma of the very special botanical friend I am thinking about and then just take into account for a moment how that makes you feel…


Is that a psychosomatic sensation, or is it something hardwired into the neurons and chemical pathways of the brain? It is an interesting little exercise isn’t it?

These curious little molecules are known as terpenes, and they exist in all plants. Each plant has their own unique terpenes which give them their own unique aromas. Herbal terpenes have traditionally been believed to have a particularly potent effect on humans and therefore and thus that is why aromatherapy does appear to focus a lot on particular plants, not only for the alleged physical effect they carry, but also the influence they are claimed to have on mood and emotional states. One only has to refer back to the little exercise I set previously to form an opinion on how even the recollection of an aroma can help conjure certain emotions and physical body memories. Personally, even the thought of a certain lovely stinky plant variety sends me to a special place… Know what I am saying?

So what if you could conjure up some of that herbal magic and store it in a bottle, allowing you to release the genie at your convenience and on those occasions when you felt like taking a certain direction or path along the journey of herbal enlightenment?

Pan’s Ink may just prove to be that genie in a bottle.

Using the principles of aromatherapy and harnessing the power of the naturally occurring terpenes in cannabis, Pan’s Ink is a %100 natural elixir of wonders designed not only to enhance any herbal experiences but also to add a degree of gentle direction in your journey. Available in liquid form, Pan’s Ink contains no psychoactive ingredients and is essentially THC free, however its isolation of certain plant molecules can be used to help you signpost your expedition along the highway of chill. The makers of Pan’s Ink describe the purpose and aims of their product as being designed to “boost, target and rejuvenate your smoking herbs” and that provides a pretty good nutshell.

Pan’s Ink is extremely easy to use, just a couple of drops are necessary and it can either be applied to rolling papers, directly onto dry herb or mixed into e-liquid for vaporizing. It is pretty much a no fuss procedure. I prefer the traditional method of just adding two or three drops onto my smoking herb as I roll my herbal cigarette, however it is just as effective when used in an e-cig. My one word of caution is if you do use Pan’s Ink in an e-cig do not use an e-liquid whose flavour you really savour…The ink has such a strong and distinctive taste that it tends to instantly dominate whatever flavours are in the existing liquid…So use a fairly bland juice as a base to avoid disappointment. On the other hand, and this could even be noted as a side benefit to those looking for a cannabis flavouring for their e-cig…To my mind Pan’s Ink is the most genuinely herby taste I have encountered. Aromas and terpenes aside, just the taste elicits certain reactions from taste buds and only adds to the overall experience. What clever folk the creators of this wondrous elixir of inspirations are!

Available in various mixtures to suit your desired travel plan (Daydream, Relief, Sensual, Drowsy, Focus), the different labels are fairly to the point and illustrative of where each variety of mix is designed to take you. As an artist I tend towards the focus, I like giving my herbal experience a productive edge however, saying that, Daydream is always a good default position to have on stand-by.  

So for a unique and interesting angle and spin on your normal experience of herbal consumption and mental meandering it could very well be worth having a look into the Pan’s Ink range and having a little taste of what the Greek nymph of mischief has to offer when he passes you his pipe.

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