Maud Dib

The Muad-Dib…
The Chosen One Among Concentrate Vaporizers.  

If you are a science fiction and fantasy aficionado then chances are that the name Muad-Dib triggers immediate images of blue-eyed Fremen riding atop giant mountain-sized sand worms. The name is lifted directly from Frank Herbert’s seminal sci-fi masterpiece Dune. Muad-Dib is the tribal name given to the messiah-like hero of the desert marauding Fremen tribes, Paul Atreides, who realises the potential of his mental superpowers by consuming the mind-altering narcotic known as the spice Melange. So just for the sake of avoiding any confusion I just have to say that the Muad-Dib we are talking about here today is not the monster-worm-jockeying-saviour-of-the-known-universe variety. That being said, just as in the novel, the Muad-Dib by Magic Flight has been known to take one on a cosmic joyride or two.  

It Looks Great!

On first inspection, the Muad-Dib looks as if it has been stolen straight from the prop department of director David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation of the novel Dune. If you are familiar with Magic Flight’s Launch Box vape for dry herb you can form a pretty close approximation of what the muad-Dib looks like…Just think of a super-steam-punk version of the older unit. The Muad-Dib is roughly palm size and fits very neatly into your hand. It is an extremely well crafted and beautiful looking piece of kit, its wooden housing available in walnut or maple staining. The box itself is handcrafted and even on an initial glance you can see the love and care taken in its manufacture. The stained wood is complemented by equally well crafted brass fittings, which include a removable trench base and a magnifying lens which slides over the trench, allowing you to see exactly what magic is occurring within. Unlike the Magic Flight, the Muad-Dib is designed specifically for concentrates (and pure concentrates only) therefore the major difference in design apart from the sci-fi aesthetic is the trench area, which is obviously dedicated to nothing but oils and waxes. The fact that the brass bowl is removable makes the Muad-Dib extremely easy to maintain and keep clean…A big plus factor for all those who enjoy a regular dab or two.  

How Does it Work?

The device is powered by a rechargeable NiMH ‘Glyph’ AA –battery (two of which are supplied with the Muad-Dib) and Magic Flight state that from one fully charged battery the user should get approximately 40-50 single inhale vapes. Even just looking at the Muad-Dib’s compact design it is fairly plain to observe that it is designed to maximise the experience of each dab as opposed to churning out clouds of vape. This is truly a tool for the connoisseur. Only the tiniest of tiny dabs is required (inset into the box’s wooden finish is a ballbearing designed not only as a decorative addition but also as a guide to the size of dab required!). Once the small dab is applied (the package comes complete with a dabbing tool) to the wire screen atop the trench. The screen is quite sturdy, but due to size can be delicate to negotiate so the kit comes provided with two. Once the battery is engaged (by pushing the battery in lightly like a button) it only takes three seconds to reach an astonishing temperature of 480’C (900’F). At this heat the concentrate is vaporized quickly and super efficiently. It is due to this extreme heat that the provided intake whip is absolutely necessary. The vapour produced is so superheated it requires the foot long length of the whip to cool down enough for a comfortable and pleasurable draw. Burnt lips and sore throat are not the chosen result here, so following the guidelines in the provided instruction manual is highly recommended. The best technique to get the best hit is to start your intake a few seconds before engaging the battery, with a constant yet quick draw which you complete just after you release pressure on the power. Because the Muad-Dib is designed to be a “one hitter” it’s all in that quick neat draw. The vapour you get from that rapid strong pull is extremely clean and very tasty. It may just be completely psychosomatic but one can even taste earthy wooden hints in the draw. The whip itself is finished with brass fittings and mouthpiece as well, completing the otherworldly vibe of the device.  

Quality Piece of Kit

It is very apparent that Magic Flight have taken a lot of time, care and designing to not only create an ingeniously effective oil vaporizer but also to manufacture a device that is as much a beautiful conversation piece. If you are at all familiar with the book or movie of Dune you will totally get where I am coming from. The Muad-Dib really does look like a contraption whose specific use is to launch you into unexplored realms of time and space. The kit comes with a re-charger for the batteries but one thing I can recommend is keeping a few batteries spare so that you are ready and able to relay them, as the charge time on each can take quite a few hours. Due to its size and compact nature the Muad-Dib is perfect as an easily stashed portable vape and it is extremely user friendly. As I mentioned before cleaning is simple and easy; if a build up materials occurs all that is required a quick and simple burn off of the wire. The other big plus in the Muad-Dib’s favour is that Magic Flight products come with a lifetime guaranteed warranty. The warranty is a great indicator of the time, love and care that has gone into the manufacture of the device, something unfortunately, there is not enough of in this day and age.  

So in conclusion...

...if you are looking for an easy to use, straightforward vaporizer that produces a clean, flavour-heavy vape then the Muad-Dib is certainly the kit for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for an extremely well crafted, eye-pleasing talking piece gift that also packs the desired practical punch for that dab-fanatic in your world (or any other) then the Muad-Dib also fits the bill perfectly. Being a huge sci-fi fan (as well as being partial to the occasional dab of concentrated goodness) the Muad-Dib grabs my attention every time. Just the look and feel of this groovy little box gives you the impression that with just a single draw an endless universe with a myriad of possibilities is about to be opened and explored!  

So when you are checking out DotComBong’s wide and expanding range of oil rigs and vaporizers make sure to include a perusal of the Muad-Dib. Don’t be fooled by its size and cosmetic charms. This little wooden box packs a punch of cosmic and interstellar proportions! See the Magic Flight range here