Pax 2 Vaporizer

The Pax 2: A Beauty and a Beast.

In a world that is being rapidly populated by herb vaporizers of all shapes and sizes, it is strangely reassuring when a device comes along that values the basic virtues of simplicity and elegance as a selling point. For something whose rudimentary purpose is to inhale herbal vapour through it is funny how much a part the actual design and aesthetic play. Each of the various vaporizers on the market have a distinct style and look of their own. Some like the Volcano look almost sleek retro-sci-fi in design whilst the Crafty, for example, looks like it has been ripped directly from one of the telepods in David Cronenberg’s The Fly. Some are designed for stealth and others like the Storm are purely designed to optimise functionality without much care for how pretty they are.
The Pax has always been a device that extols those simple virtues I first mentioned… Simplicity and elegance. So it would be fair to assume that the latest incarnation of the Pax vaporizer would follow in the same tradition as its predecessors. And you would be correct.  

Welcome to the Pax 2.

Getting down and dank never looked so good. The first thing you will notice about the Pax is just how streamlined and compact it is. It has no protuberances nor external moving parts or mechanics, so its surfaces are sharp and streamlined. The Pax’s outer casing is made from transverse-brushed anodised aluminium and it is this material that allows for such a shiny smooth finish. It almost looks as if it is crafted from surgical steel (available in charcoal, flare, topez and platinum)…In your hand it certainly feels like a precision instrument. When you actually hold it you can feel the weight of its inner workings and it is once you form a tactile relationship with the device everything becomes clear. The Pax might be pretty but she sure packs a punch. This holds true for the original model of Pax vaporizers, and doubly so for the Pax 2. If you are familiar with the first Pax then you will spot the divergent qualities of the new device straight away.
First thing you will notice is that it is significantly smaller than its predecessor. The Pax was a very neat and honed down piece of kit in the first place however in its latest incarnation the device has truly gone “pocket-sized”. It is 25% smaller than the original and according to the manufacturer, 10% lighter. It is this very blatant and obvious design trait that is perhaps the biggest give away and clue to the Pax’s true intentions. As the saying goes looks will only take you so far in this world, and as pretty as the Pax may be its function is not to sit on a table as a centrepiece. It has to perform…And as a discrete, easily transported pocket-sized herbal personal vape, perform it does. I say personal vape because the Pax performs at its best when on solo missions. The size of the device should tell you straight away that that the Pax really is designed for parties of one.
Now that is not to say that the Pax can not be enjoyed in a group scenario at all. Of course the Pax can be shared and passed around. But because of its size the Pax is at its best when savoured full-chamber by full-chamber, as opposed to passing like a spliff…If you catch my drift?
The Pax will give you about five nice pulls per serving of herb, the second, third and fourth draw producing vapour that is both tasty, rich and smooth. So if you are in a social situation of four or more whoever ends up on that first or fifth toke will be pulling the short straws. The Pax 2 does come with a “party mode” but I have found that this is the perfect device for the sly lone vape as opposed to group situations. The lithium-ion battery provided is USB charged and gives you a decent amount of usage with charging that takes around two-three hours. As with any portable vape, my first recommendation is to carry charged spares to ensure the party does not come to an abrupt end.  


One of the other design features of the Pax is the extremely unique mouth piece, which is designed to compliment the device’s sleek build. It fits on flush with the casing, so in fact is barely a mouth piece at all. Your lips actually fit almost onto the surface of the casing. Which at first may seem like a bad idea, the obvious danger of burnt-lips comes to mind; but the way the Pax has been manufactured keeps the stainless steel oven a safe distance from the outflow. This means that the pulls can be long and quite hard without getting too harsh. For some folks that particular mouthpiece (or lack of) does not really suit so a second, more traditional external protruding extension piece is included… Personally I find the internalised end just helps keep everything nice and neat as the Pax is intended to be.  


Because of its size and the amount of herb that you can actually fit into the chamber, the Pax works best when it is regularly cleaned, which is extremely easy as the device has very few nooks and crannies to get gunked up. With the cleaning kit provided it is a mere poke and occasional swab that will keep your Pax happy and purring. It is a deviously simple vaporizer to use, with four temperature settings and a very rapid heating time (less than a minute). Once you fill the chamber with herb all you have to do is slip back the magnetic oven lid, click the top of the Pax to reach the required settings and away you go. Fitted with an inbuilt motion sensor, the Pax knows when it is in use and when it is stand-by and goes in to energy saving mode automatically when idle…
Or you have had so much vaping fun you have gone into idle mode, whichever comes first.  

Final Thought...

So in conclusion, the Pax 2 is an improvement on the original, miniaturising its physicality and components but increasing its efficiency plus capacity. If you are looking for a personal vape that is perfect for the discrete toke on the go, then you can't go wrong with the Pax 2. It is a sexy little machine that is perfect for the lone vaper, easy to use, so it is accessible to the newbies, with an end product that is dank enough and tasty enough to satisfy even the vaping veteran. I would strongly recommend the Pax 2 as a great introduction to the world of the personal dry herb vaporizer. And like I first mentioned…The Pax is one sexy little number!
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