cheech and chongIf somebody said to you the word “stoner” a number of images are sure to spring instantly to mind…Quite possibly several that are stereotypical and maybe one or two that are purely archetypal. You might even have lodged somewhere in your mind an image of the two loveable red-eyed misfits who after a career in the entertainment industry that spans over four decades have essentially become the poster boys for the “mellowed out” lifestyle…

I am speaking of course of the one (well two really) and only comedy duo Cheech and Chong. When thinking of stoners it is pretty hard to avoid conjuring up the names Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, nor the certain unique counter-cultural slot their particular brand has filled over the years. Their comedy albums have topped the charts and their movies blazed a trail at the box-office worldwide leaving a legacy of dopy grins and bellylaughs. …Now the Merry Princes of Mary Jane have taken their dedication to the “herb” up a notch to the next level, expanding upon that smoky dank legacy even further by manufacturing and releasing their own range of bongs and glassware, designed by stoners for stoners.  

Bit of a no-brainer really and makes absolute and perfect sense…

I mean if you could think of any pairing of minds likely to spawn what could be the perfect pipe or bong, Cheech and Chong would have to be that pair. Considering how much herb has been consumed and smoking implements “road tested” by these guys over the years…Well actually…The thought is kinda intimidating. Mr Marin and Mr Chong have quite possibly the most prestigious CV in the annals of stoner history. So when it comes to the quality of ones smoking experience and the craftsmanship of the implements to facilitate that experience, put simply, you could not be in more trustworthy nor experienced hands. Cheech and Chong is a brand that carries with it an unprecedented level of stoner clout and most importantly, stoner love. For that is the key element in the longevity and durability of the cult duos success.

They both love what they do.

From simple one hitters to the dizzying heights of oil rigs, Cheech and Chong Glassware covers a whole number of bases. Solid and beautifully crafted, the branded glassware not only works and smokes like a blast, they look great as well. Each piece is essentially a collectors item that would stand proud on any assembler of quality smoking ware’s shelf.

Every item carries the cartoon Cheech and Chong logo and the design of the glassware is just as pleasurable on the eye as they are to toke with. Their range of pipes come with extremely groovy protective carry cases (which are pretty damn handy themselves!) while the bongs and rigs are packaged in equally cool boxes designed for presentation and display. So now you can purchase a bong that not only tokes like a dream, but also acts as a totally wicked conversation piece. Officially licensed by Cheech and Chong, collecting these guys’ pipes and bongs is kind of akin to the stoner version of collecting Star Wars action figures. Stoner nerdom has just reached new heights thanks to the release of the dynamic duo’s glassware range!

Get yours quick!

DotComBong are very proud to offer a number of items from the Cheech and Chong Glass smoke range and we can assure you all now that these pipes and bongs are not just some throw away celebrity gimmic. They are the absolute bomb of bongs. Made from 100% quality borosilicate glass these tools of the stoner trade are not just pretty to look at, but are extremely sturdy as well. One quick perusal of one of their bongs can pretty much assure that Cheech and Chong Glass is made to last. Available in a variety of colours and shapes, there is a smoking device to suit every taste and purpose. Just referring to the bongs, for my money the feature that totally sold just how awesome and in tune with their market these guys are, was the ingenious inclusion of a magnet inbuilt into the stem that is designed to conveniently store your lighter. Bravo Cheech and Chong…   Absolute pure genius!!! It is the little touches and nice little features like the lighter magnet that really elevate Cheech and Chong Glass above the mundane and ordinary. You can just see that this gear is designed and tested by folks who well and truly know their biz and love the shiz.

Available now on DotComBong I totally and wholeheartedly encourage all and sundry to have a perusal of the Cheech and Chong Glass pipes and bongs we have on offer. If looking for a unique gift for that lovable red-eyed goof in your life or you yourself are looking for a nice bit of kit for practical day-to-day use look no further…

Cheech and Chong Glass is the absolute bong…Err…Bomb!!!

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