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  • Cheech and Chong Glass: When Nice Dreams Go Up In Smoke!!

    cheech and chongIf somebody said to you the word “stoner” a number of images are sure to spring instantly to mind…Quite possibly several that are stereotypical and maybe one or two that are purely archetypal. You might even have lodged somewhere in your mind an image of the two loveable red-eyed misfits who after a career in the entertainment industry that spans over four decades have essentially become the poste...

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  • Pan's Ink: The Greek God of Mischief Shares His Pipe

    pans ink

    I dare say most people out there are familiar with the practice of “aromatherapy” and the concept that the individual molecules that provide plants with their distinct scents may effect similarly distinct reactions from the human physiology. There is no denying that the smell of certain plants, be it pungent or pleasant, can often provoke almost instantaneous reflex actions…Sneezing being the most...

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  • Quick Guide: Dabbie E-Nail

    dabbie e-nail

    Dabbie by name…Dabbie by nature!

    Dabbing concentrates has been growing in popularity overseas for the past decade and it has only really recently made much of an impact here in the UK. There are two major “turn offs” keeping people away from partaking in the joy of the “dab”. One being the basic difficulty of getting your hands on said oils and waxes…A situation that though I can not help you with,...

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  • Take a Dab on the Wild Side

    oil dabbing

    So What is the Dab?

    Dabbing in the UK is still considered something of an anomaly. We all have mates who swear by the virtues of dabbing ones concentrates, waxes and oils but unlike the United States, where the art of the dab is a well established past time enjoyed by many over here on the other side of the pond is still considered somewhat of a novelty…Even a luxury.

    This can be attributed somewhat...

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  • Quick Guide to Healthy Vaporizing

    is it safe to vaporize cannabis

    Is Vaporizing Healthy?

    The Word From the Global Drug Survey.

    The debate regarding vaporizing versus combusting and the health benefits of switching from the latter to the first is a conversation set to remain inconclusively unanswered simply due to the lack of comprehensive laboratory trials and results. Once again this is primarily due to the illegality of cannabis production and use. It would appe...

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  • The Dab Station by Dabbie

    Dabbie Dab Station

    “That’s not a moon…It’s a Dab Station!”
    The Dab Station by Dabbie.  

    Over the past few months we have been talking a lot about dabbing, the process of dabbing and what to dab your dabs with. We have discussed the various benefits of vaporising concentrates, waxes, oils, (now) crystals and how the dabbing craze has slowly but surely exported itself from across the seas to the UK. By now you have pro...

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  • Is the Muad-Dib Any Good?

    Maud Dib

    The Muad-Dib…
    The Chosen One Among Concentrate Vaporizers.  

    If you are a science fiction and fantasy aficionado then chances are that the name Muad-Dib triggers immediate images of blue-eyed Fremen riding atop giant mountain-sized sand worms. The name is lifted directly from Frank Herbert’s seminal sci-fi masterpiece Dune. Muad-Dib is the tribal name given to the messiah-like hero of the desert ma...

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  • Vaping VS Smoking: Which has the best effect???

    vaping vs smoking

    When people are first confronted with the idea of vaporizing one’s herb as opposed to combusting it in the traditional mode, through a pipe, bong or spliff, one of the most immediate and frequently asked questions is a quite simple one…

    Is it as good an experience?

    This is a pretty fair line of enquiry, as most of us who enjoy partaking in smoking herbs would surely agree. Of course there are the us...

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